‘Karma-Coma’ by Janette Ayachi

Love-pacts at bus-stops

the smore of thunder

filling her ears

in a flood of betrayal.


The bleak contraband

of building-sites

mistakenly horizontal

where sky frowns into cracks.


Broken spines on books

airplane contrails

above endless roofs

a vertebrae highway.


The Futurists

leave their imprints

on the stainless steel

of cutlery and coffee machines.


Light stiffens people

into sculpture

I chase you

into mutual love for Russia.


There is no such thing

as real-time

in these promised streets

of spider-webs and sun.


Cancer wards in old

military hospitals

urgent Eros

and dreams of women.


Janette Ayachi

Janette Ayachi is an Edinburgh-based poet that has published in over thirty literary journals and anthologies in print and online.  She is the author of Pauses at Zebra Crossings and her second poetry collection A Choir of Ghosts will be released early next year.  For more information visit www.janetteayachi.webs.com


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