‘Escaping the Smother of Ivy’ by Janette Ayachi

We are the generation that will never own

our own property, no chance to be creative with space,

no chance to piss on our territory, grow yellow roses

or hang our washing out to dry.

We will merely mark various foundations

with our scent, chip doorframes in drunken pursuits,

smear floorboards with a spindrift of footsteps.

We sleep on mattresses many before us

have borrowed to sew their dreams,

where dust mites and bed bug bites, scrapings

and scratches of passion collide in the warmth.

Coils mutate under the fabric,

weights shift in unison like the tide.

We are gypsies, travellers, freedom dwellers,

with no house to anchor us to the ocean floor,

no feet shackled or bones chained, just postcodes

that are branded on our memories

like the numbers of exes.

We change cities, circle countries on maps

like circling jobs in newspapers, jump ship,

cart boxes, store junk in our parents attics

but keep accumulating keep sakes from ports of fancy

because we are hoarders, but never have time to recycle.

Our freedom has always been in reinvention

a triumph of skies loom over our astral bodies

and we journey forward with loud music in our ears,

light in our eyes, and throats long parched of prayers

leaving unbuckled reins over the dull granite of graves.

We are flexible, unbreakable, and desperately brazen

the world is our oyster yet we already wear the pearls.

Familiar window views, side streets and living rooms

bore us quickly, so we adapt, then move on, search, scratch

taller trees, foreign tongues, new neighbourhoods,

other chances.

                    Anything to stop love gravitating from our grasp

the way trains pass through ghost stations

into the pencil-stabbed sharp decimal point of night.


Janette Ayachi

Janette Ayachi is an Edinburgh-based poet that has published in over thirty literary journals and anthologies in print and online.  She is the author of Pauses at Zebra Crossings and her second poetry collection A Choir of Ghosts will be released early next year- for more information visit www.janetteayachi.webs.com


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